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     The Cane Ridge Farms and The Grove at Cane Ridge Communities are located in the heart of Antioch's "Cane Ridge Community". Unique and very diverse, these two communities total 525+ resident home sites. The communities are currently governed by an HOA Board of 5 elected members who live within the community. Ghertner & Co. was chosen to conduct the daily business responsibilities of the HOA. An HOA Annual Meeting is held each November to inform the community of the budget, rules and regulations within the community and other community announcements. The HOA annual meeting also provides residents with the opportunity to vote for new HOA board members as two-year term openings become available.

      The community demographics include all ages, ethnic groups, religions and social status. Areas surrounding the community are growing rapidly. Community Health Systems corporate headquarters has completed construction of their headquarters within a mile of the communities. A planned 25 acre park, new retail stores, new restaurant establishments and a new I-24 interchange will add value to the lifestyles of our community members.

     The Cane Ridge Farms HOA Board is dedicated to improving the lives of the community as well as ensuring home values remain the highest in the surrounding area. CRF and The Grove are located 10 miles Southeast of Downtown Nashville along the I-24 Corridor, 10 miles East of Brentwood, 7 miles Northeast of Nolensville and 7 miles Northwest of Smyrna, Tn.